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Data Recovery Services


Participate in our 15 minute free evaluation. It will let us know if your storage device has a logical or physical failure, options of recovery, time frame, and the price of your data recovery process.






...we get it!

DON'T PANIC, WE CAN GET IT... We are an excellent option to get your data back; best price in town, you can participate during the evaluation process, knowledgeable engineers, cutting edge infrastructure and a professional customer service.

When you bring your storage device to us, you'll get:

  • Free initial evaluation

Within 15 minutes we will determine if your media has a logical or physical failure, options of recovery, time frame and  price of your data recovery process.

  • Transparency and Participation!

The evaluation is done in front of you. You can participate asking questions and talking to the engineer in charge of your data recovery project. Nobody else does it !

  • Upfront and affordable pricing - no hidden costs or fee

You can find our prices on the "Pricing page".

  • Technical expertise that is second to none

We are knowledgeable engineers with over 40 years combined experience in data recovery. We have cutting edge infrastructure to get the job done. Our research and development area engineers solutions to overcome data lost situations that can not be solved by others.

  • Peace of mind knowing your data is safe and confidential

24/7 security system on place.

  • If your data is unrecoverable, no data recovery service fee.

If you don't want to risk options of recovery and
you are serious about having your data recovered,

talk to us,

Free Consultation  720-870-3739

To participate in our FREE evaluation of your storage device and have all parameters such as: options of recovery, time frame and price

Give us a call to make an appointment  720-870-3739.

You will have all the information to approve or disapprove our quote. No obligation.

We understand the importance of your data and we are experts engineers in data recovery that care about you and your data, perfect combination for a win/win situation.

Ximatic saved me almost $1000 on data recovery. I had a Apple SATA hard drive physically fail (heads and board) and Ximatic was able to recover all my data in 3 days. I got a quote from another data recovery place and they quoted my $2000 plus $276 for parts. Ximatic's MAX quote is $1500, so it was a no-brainer. Got all my data recovered for $1300. Costs obviously vary by job, but I would HIGHLY recommend this company for your data recovery needs.
Leeroy Brown